Not equipped to handle Internal Complaints & Investigations? 

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  • Internal investigations
  • Violations of workplace rules
  • Job-related misconduct
  • Workplace complaints (e.g. discrimination, harassment)
We're a softer touch for you and your employees, saving time and stress. There's no reason why you, as a business owner or executive, should be going it alone without certified HR advisement for your unique needs.
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Our rare approach to HR is saving business owners time with on-demand services and the flexibility to only pay for what you actually need. 

There's no reason why you as a business owner or executive should be doing HR. You don't have the time or want to use it for other critical operational activities. In our on-demand HR consulting service, we serve as an outside perspective and strategic resource for leadership, providing dedicated support when needed. 

"I can honestly say that Iridium is exceptional and go above and beyond in their efforts to help guide their clients. They are passionate about what they do and it shows."
- Executive, Energy Startup