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Whitney  Van Cleave - Managing Partner

Areas of Expertise:

Strategic Business Advisement

Organizational Development

Recruiting, Hiring, & Retention

Process & Systems Optimization


Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Whitney has worked with organizational leaders across industries to identify new techniques to improve business processes, manage human capital resources, and revamp marketing & sales strategies. Before establishing Iridium Consulting Company, Whitney led technical recruiting initiatives, human capital strategies, and marketing projects for clients at two previous award-winning firms. In addition, she has held multiple leadership roles in marketing and communications, which allows her to implement new technologies and strategies to serve our client’s dynamic needs.

Whitney has served on the board of the Denver chapter of Young Professionals in Energy (YPE), a national organization devoted to facilitating the advancement of young professionals in the energy industry. She is also the Director of Marketing for the Colorado chapter of the Women's Energy Network (WEN), an international organization of 6,800+ women professionals who work across the energy value chain. 

Outside of work, Whitney can usually be found fly fishing or rambling around the Colorado mountains where she grew up.

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