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Iridium is now helping professionals in new ways with coaching, courses, and on-demand support

Canva Design DAFv8U_6uDcOh hello there! Caley and I are excited to share some incredible updates on the projects we've been working on. Our expertise in recruiting, HR, and operations has allowed us to assist numerous organizations over the past 15 years. However, we've always aspired to support individuals in overcoming their everyday workplace challenges. This aspiration led us to create Iridium Helps, along with our exciting new offerings specifically designed for individual. Allow us to introduce:

  • 1:1 On-demand Help - Get access to us for advisement via asynchronous communication via text, audio, or video whenever you like.
  • Live 1:1 Help Sessions - Real-time phone or Zoom conversations which are great for discussing challenges, ideas, or goals in a conversation.
  • Guided PackagesAnswer a few questions and receive a personalized video with actionable feedback. Package options are: resume reviewLinkedIn reviewoffer review/negotiation, and raise negotiation help.
  • Job Change Jumpstart - Go from stuck to searching with confidence and ease with our step-by-step guidance. By the end of the weeklong course, participants will have an effective resume, improved LinkedIn, simple search strategy, and well-crafted communication to use, improving the effectiveness of any job search. Live course will be in January 2024 with self-guided, anytime access also available for self-paced learning as well. Details coming soon. 

We are so grateful to have these new avenues to help more people make work better for themselves and their organizations and are excited to share the journey with you. 

PS - Are you thinking a job change may be needed? Here's a Job Change Checklist we made to help folks figure out if, when, and how to exit. We think it's pretty handy and wanted to share.