We provide interactive workshops to help individuals and business owners develop professional skills and understand how to better navigate the current business landscape. Our workshop topics have covered a broad range of topics spanning recruitment and HR and have included: workforce development, reskilling strategies, how to hire, compliance crash courses, and how to handle HR for small business. 


TARRA Essentials Oct 5

Event Details:

October 5, 2022 | 5pm - 7pm

935 N. Albion Street, Denver, CO 80220

TARRA Work Member: $24.50

Non-Member: $49.00

Wine, Non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks will be served. 

TARRA Essentials: A New Approach to People - Overcoming HR Challenges

Presented by TARRA

People are the essential elements that make your organization successful, but business owners are often overwhelmed by “HR” and people-related challenges or simply don’t even know where to begin. 

Human Resources experts, Whitney and Caley Van Cleve of Iridium Consulting, are digging deep into the critical HR needs for every growing business with an interactive workshop covering:

Risk – compliance, financial, tax, legal

Hiring – 1099 vs. W2, job description, postings, interviewing

Onboarding – needed documentation, systems/technologies, training, equipment

Employee Relations – communication, schedules, environment, culture

Connections – insurance, marketing, products

You will leave with your unique personal action plan including valuable insights into concepts, techniques, and tools that can help along the way.

Light Switch Moments:

- How to approach HR from a people-first perspective

- Understand your HR ecosystem weaknesses so you know where to focus efforts

- Answers to your most poignant and critical HR questions

"Their positive, affirming and energized presentation really helped the audience to relax and feel comfortable participating in dialogue. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they share with generosity and authenticity. It was a great series, well-received by attendees."
- Kirsten Gauthier-Newbury, Colorado Mountain College