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Your Annual Review: An Exercise in Reflection to Gain Perspective

Canva Design DAF2a-qqWkECan you believe it's December already?!  Time flies, and as we gear up for the holiday hustle, I want to hit the pause button with you before everything gets hectic and finding a minute for ourselves can be a real challenge. I want you to know that taking this brief bit of time will help give you a confidence boost going into those hectic moments and I think you deserve that.

Reflecting on our wins is like giving ourselves a pat on the back. It's essential to acknowledge the moments that brought us joy, satisfaction, or that feeling of accomplishment. Big or small, in or out of the office, for you or because of you - it's all worth celebrating.

Even the tough stuff or the things that didn't shake out as we had hoped is worthy of celebration for the lessons learned. I like to think that the road with potholes teaches us more than the smooth ones. They make us more resilient, and each swerve, hit, or bottom-out is a catalyst for growth. So yeah, let's look at where we've been this year.

Not sure where to start? No worries, I've got an exercise that might just be what you need. It's a simple set of questions that guide you from today, all the way back through the weeks and months until the whole year comes into view. It's like a journey through your own experiences, a chance to appreciate how far you've come.

Let's do it!

A Year-End Reflection Exercise

Consider Today:

  1. What is my energy level today?
  2. Do I want to be here?

Consider Last Week:

  1. What was my overall energy level?
  2. Where did I spend most of my time and effort?
  3. Do I like where that energy is being spent, or are there other things I'd rather be doing?

Consider This Year:

  1. What did I achieve?
  2. Did I learn new skills?
  3. Is the directionality right? Am I actively heading where I want to go?
  4. Did I enjoy the people I work with?
  5. Did I feel supported in the work?
  6. Do I have the resources I need?
  7. Did I feel the stoke about the work?
  8. Did I feel a sense of purpose?
  9. Am I proud of the work I did last year?
  10. Do I like how I showed up in my job and outside of work?
  11. How have I grown?


This reflection isn't just about looking back; it's about understanding your growth and sparking intentions for the future. Remember, there are no correct answers here. This is your journey, your story, and it's all about you.

What's Next?

If you find that you're looking for different responses or contemplating a change, don't get discouraged—get clarity.  You can grab your Job Change Checklist resource here - it's designed to help you consider if and when a job change may be a good idea.

Until next time, happy reflecting!