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Enhance Your Workweek with These 3 Questions: Assessing Your Job Satisfaction

Hey there! How was work for you this week? What's your pulse this afternoon? Frustrated? Relieved? Excited? 

We usually get so busy at the end of the week that we forget to take a minute to consider our thoughts and feelings about our work before we head into the weekend.

But taking a minute to assess your job satisfaction on a regular basis, such as every Friday, is a great way to stay attuned to your feelings and thoughts about work. It also gives you an opportunity to consider what adjustments could be made in the next week. 

We like this practice because it keeps us in an action mindset rather than feeling stuck. Here's our Three-Question Friday Pulse Check:

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  1. What were the highlights of my workweek? Identify any moments or tasks that brought you joy, satisfaction, or a sense of accomplishment. Consider both big and small wins, as well as any positive interactions with colleagues, successful projects, or personal growth experiences.

  2. What challenges or frustrations did I encounter? Acknowledge any difficulties or frustrations you faced during the week. This could be related to tasks, relationships, or other aspects of your job. Identifying these challenges can help you understand potential sources of dissatisfaction and provide an opportunity to find solutions or seek support.

  3. Am I looking forward to the upcoming workweek? Consider your feelings about the week ahead. Your anticipation of the next week can be a strong indicator of your overall job satisfaction. If you consistently feel negative about the upcoming week, it might be time to evaluate your current job situation and explore potential changes.


Keeping a pulse on your work life ensures that you're less likely to end up feeling stuck or staying in a bad job situation for longer than needed. 

So, if you have a few minutes today, check-in with yourself. If you find you want a deeper dive, you can grab your Job Change Checklist resource hereIt's designed to help you consider if and when a job change may be a good idea. Until next time - thanks for reading!