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Applicants don't care about your job description (on a job posting)

Treating job descriptions and job postings the same doesn't entice applicants anymore. The days of copying and pasting internal job descriptions to external job postings on job boards won't cut it. Job hunters have bigger expectations now, learn how to reach them. 

Grab: Job postings aren't merely pasted job descriptions on job boards.  

Why it matters?: Crappy job postings discourage candidates from applying. Your company may be super sweet, but the candidate can't tell from your lame job posting. 

Strategy to stand out: 

Job searching is done in the stolen hours by candidates: late nights, commuting time, and early mornings. They have limited time and attention. Stop them from scrolling past your job opening by using a job posting instead of a job description.  

Harness the power of a job posting: 

Simply posting an internally crafted job description to job boards is a missed opportunity for you to attract the ideal candidate. Yes, it's quick, but it also misses the point. This is your first and only opportunity to pitch the role to a candidate. We'd suggest reframing the job description to become an attraction tool, a true job posting. Fundamentally, job postings are not the same as job descriptions.  

What's the difference? 

  • A job description is the defined functions, responsibilities, experience, and requirements needed for the role. It is typically, an internal document used for documentation and performance-tracking purposes. We see them as necessary, but boring.  
  • A job posting is a presentation of the job opportunity to prospective candidates. Typically, a marketing tool for your recruiting and hiring efforts. We see them as engaging and useful tools to deploy in the hiring process. 

Here's what makes job postings superior: 

  • Attention-grabbing and unique  
  • Positions the role as an opportunity rather than merely a function 
  • Identifies why this future team member is critical to your team and organization 
  • Explains the impact the candidate can expect to achieve 
  • Clearly lays out how the role folds into the organization's mission or goals.  

Fundamentally, you've flipped the script to be tailored for the true end user, the candidate. Make it easy, interesting, and enjoyable for them.  

How to write a job posting: 

  • Explain who your company is and what you do succinctly.  
  • Identify your key selling proposition for this role, your team, and the organization.  
  • Define the "why" behind this role for an incoming hire.  
  • Share the critical activities this role performs and the context surrounding those actions for the organization.  
  • Keep it brief and clear.  
  • Call out any "deal killers" or "mission critical" points for the role. 
  • Include the compensation range for the role.  

Things to avoid in a job posting: 

  • Copying and pasting your dang internal job description 
  • Using discriminatory or biased language 
  • Complicated instructions or language that only your internal team knows. 

If you're not quite sure how to apply this to your company or have questions, click the button below and we can help. 

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